Keillers Park

This 2006 Swedish film is based on a real-life hate crime story that happened nine years earlier. It started with the unlikely relationship between Peter Mårten Klingberg a conservative Swedish engineer who ran his family’s old established business, and Nassim Pjotr Giro a free spirited Algerian immigrant who occasionally worked as a waiter and dreamed on moving to Paris … Continue reading

Kept Boy

Chicago based openly gay writer Robert Rodi had a string of very successful hits with his highly enjoyable fluffy gay novels in the 1990’s which included such titles as Fag Hag, and Closet Case. One of them, Kept Boy, has now been made into a full-length feature film and like the sugar-daddy protagonist in the … Continue reading

Kidnapped For Christ

This is a sadly very true tale about how American parents are willingly to shell out some $72000 per year (that’s $10000 more than Harvard’s fees) to have their children forcibly detained by fundamental Christian Evangelists at a ‘camp’ in a remote part of the Dominican Republic to undertake treatment euphemistically called behavior modification. The … Continue reading


To us non-residents of Harlem the fact that 25 years after  Jenni Livingston’s seminal documentary Paris Is Burning, ‘voguing’ is very much alive in the dance clubs and community spaces in this corner of New York is quite a shock.  In fact it’s been re-shaped and re-invented to bring it more in line with the needs and … Continue reading

Kill The Monsters

  This very ambitious dramedy is the sophomore feature film from writer/director/actor Ryan Lonergan who also produced and edited too.  It is a very clever American allegory that tells the tale of a charming gay ‘throuple’ who embark on a road journey right across the country when the newest member of their partnership gets a … Continue reading

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