Kill Your Darlings

The cinematic fascination with The Beat Generation continues regardless. Following on the heals of Walter Salles take on Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ which the Critics were quick to dismiss when it recently had a Limited Release in US theaters, we have this new movie which, set in the mid 1940’s is essentially a pre-quel to the movement that was … Continue reading

Killing Patient Zero: the true story behind all the myths.

  As a a gay men of a certain age who personally survived the brunt of the AIDS pandemic  but lost a husband and far too many friends, Canadian filmmaker Laurie Lynd’s excellent new documentary  is way overdue.  Like most people we had bought the story that the whole epidemic was started by a promiscuous … Continue reading

King Cobra

This movie is  the fictionalized account of the start of the career of a young San Diego youth called Sean Paul Lockhart with the stage name of Brent Corrigan, who in 2003 in the early days of a burgeoning internet culture became an extremely successful gay porn star. Lying about his true age to the rather … Continue reading

Kings, Queens & In-Betweens

This very exuberant and enthralling documentary which portrays a rather charming hotch-potch troupe of drag performers is full of very pleasant surprises. Firstly that it is all set in the heart of the mid-west in Columbus Ohio, and secondly the arrange of talent is remarkably good, but most importantly, it is the exceptional sense of … Continue reading


KINK.com is the largest producer of online BDSM porn movies in the USA and was started by Peter Ackworth, a Brit, from his Dorm Room at school in the UK in 1997. Now based in an enormous defunct Armory Building in San Francisco with many of the original facilities untouched as they make prefect sets for a lot … Continue reading

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