People Like Us

This new LGBT webseries about four different men looking for love, lust and all things in between set in Singapore, shows that asides from a few odd phrases there is in fact very little difference from these mens searches to other gay men seeking the same around the globe. It all starts on a Friday night … Continue reading

People Like Us : Season 2 of the queer web series from Singapore

  Since we first wrote about the Singaporean gay web series PEOPLE LIKE US some two years ago, we’ve had the Brit series  THE GRASS ALWAYS GRINDR to watch and enjoy,  The one thing that the two have in common is that have both been produced in conjunction with major HIV Support and Prevention Organisations. … Continue reading

People You May Know

The title of this new (mostly) American dramedy from Spanish filmmaker J.C. Falcón is taken from FaceBook which frequently proffers up suggestions of new friends.  In this instance it serves as means to tell Joe (Sean Mather) the protagonist, that he has been ‘catfished’ : the delightful term for someone who has been lured into a relationship by … Continue reading

Peter De Rome : Grandfather of Gay Porn

Peter de Rome was one of the very first gay pornographer filmmakers who made small intimate and highly erotic movies in the early 1960’s when it was still illegal to be gay let alone partake in homosexual acts in public. He was an Englishmen who emigrated to New York in the 1950’s lured by the … Continue reading


In Ash Chastain’s new comedy drama he has somewhat overloaded the neurotic Petunia family in New York with such a whole textbook of quirks, hangups and affectations that adding all the different story strands together makes for a rather dysfunctional movie. I should quickly add that its not without its charm and has a few … Continue reading

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