Please Like Me

  It may have taken 4 years to eventually get to see the totally charming Australian comedy drama Please Like Me,  but it was so well worth the wait.  The series that ran for 4 seasons has finally landed up on the Hulu network which encourages you to binge watch as each episode leaves you … Continue reading

Pornstar Pandemic : The Guys during Lockdown

  Have you been wondering what you favorite porn star has been up too at home in the COVID Lockdown or practising ‘social   Well, we now know the answer thanks to the folk at Breaking Glass Pictures.  Their CEO Rich Wolff is the Executive Director of a new documentary from ‘adult film’ director Edward … Continue reading

Portrait of a Lady on Fire : one of the best queer movies of the Year

  Céline Sciammawho has already given us Water Lillies, Tomboy, Girlhood and Being 17. confirms her position as one of the leading queer filmmakers with this  her latest, and finest film to date.  Portrait of A Lady on Fire is an historical drama set in the 19th Century that tells of a forbidden affair between … Continue reading

Portrait of A Serial Monogamist

There is nothing more sadistically funny than watching the opening scenes of a movie witnessing the protagonist dumping her girlfriend of five years. She is just the last new recruit into the ever expanding group of ‘exes’ that Elsie has managed to accumulate over the years. In fact Elsie is so experienced at the whole … Continue reading

Portrait of Jason

In 1967 Oscar nominated filmmaker Shirley Clarke ensconced herself in an apartment in N.Y.’s Chelsea Hotel on the evening of Dec. 3, 1966 and let her camera roll for the next 12 hours. Her subject was a much-larger-than-life articulate African/American man who, drink and cigarette always in hand, seems to never stop laughing. The very … Continue reading

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