Private Romeo : a tale of two queer star crossed lovers

Over a weekend eight male high school cadets are left behind when the rest of the McKinley Military Academy go away on an Exercise and they are ordered to carry on with their studies regardless. In the English Literature Class they are studying ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the two young men reading the leads begin to take … Continue reading

Project Yellow : a film by an Asian guy on Asian guys.

Project Gelb (Yellow) is a film by an Asian guy about Asian guys. Canadian/Asian filmmaker Francis Luta explores how Asian males are perceived in the media and gay culture, and how it all reflects from their childhood. Luta started this journey after a modeling agency ordered him to stay out of the sun because looking … Continue reading

Prom King, 2010

Charlie (Christopher Schaap) was definitely born in the wrong decade.  He is a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding the big love of his love with violins soaring in the background just like in the best old-fashioned Hollywood movies. Instead he is very unhappy about having to look for it in all the wrong places … Continue reading


It’s a glorious summer’s day in July but despite the sunny weather it seems like everyone is having a bad day.  Well, for these three different sets of friends at least. Steve and Tristan who used to be an ‘item’ are wasting a few hours on arguing about the ethics on how forthcoming one should … Continue reading

Public Speaking

  Martin Scorcese’s profile on Fran Lebowitz is no ordinary documentary. After 90 minutes of essentially listening to this quick-witted brilliant observationist with her razor sharp tongue spend forth on some of her favorite bugbears, we actually learn very little about the woman behind all these rapidly fired opinions. By filming her in conversation in … Continue reading

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