Brit film critic Mark Wilshin steps behind the camera for his very impressive feature film debut with this enthralling passionate love story. The action which takes place on one single night  in Berlin when 20 year old Will (Pip Brignall)  a bridegroom-to-be has been abandoned by his mates handcuffed to a streetlamp wearing nothing … Continue reading

Soft Lad

22 year old David has been secretly sleeping with his older sister’s husband Jules and now wants to parlay the affair into a proper relationship. That is obviously never going to happen, so a sulky David takes himself off to a gay Club and within five minutes meets Sam who will become the second man … Continue reading


Manuel is playing hard to get with Julio when he meets him in an online chat room because of his reluctance to send him s photograph. Eventually Julio charms him into changing his mind, and they agree to meet up on a street corner. There is an immediate physical attraction between these two very handsome … Continue reading

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You

The thing I really loved the most about this movie was the title, which is actually a wonderful sentiment that I never really wanted to believe in, but now I am in my dotage I’ll admit has more than a smidgen of truth to it. James is the teenager who is at the receiving end … Continue reading

Something Like Summer

Something like Summer the rather accomplished directing debut of David Berry from a script by Carlos Pedraza is full of surprises.  What starts out as a sweet LGBT romantic coming-of-age musical actually ends up as melodrama, and a very definite tear-jerker too. In between it covers a lot of ground always trying (and succeeding most of the time) it … Continue reading

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