Something Like Summer

Something like Summer the rather accomplished directing debut of David Berry from a script by Carlos Pedraza is full of surprises.  What starts out as a sweet LGBT romantic coming-of-age musical actually ends up as melodrama, and a very definite tear-jerker too. In between it covers a lot of ground always trying (and succeeding most of the time) it … Continue reading

Something Like That

The deep bond of friendship between best friends Mari (Caroline Abras) and Caio (André Antunes) is tested often in their 10-year relationship. This is the story of its roller-coaster trajectory which at times seems to give the pair more grief than happiness, and then very cleverly has this intriguing  ambiguous ending  In the beginning, in Sao Paolo, the … Continue reading

Something Must Break

Androgynous punk Sebastian works stacking paint cans in a warehouse by day and at night lives in a cramped messy apartment with his lesbian friend Lea. He is intensely broody and unhappy with practically everything in his life especially his gender, and spends his time in a haze of drugs, drink and hanging out in gay bars … Continue reading

Something New

Charismatic out-gay actor Ben Baur  who in 2015 made Out’s 100 List and is  best known for his starring role in the rather raunchy LGBT web series Hunting Season, has written himself a plum part in Something New. This rather cute 15 minute short directed by T J Marchbank has Baur playing love sick Jonah … Continue reading

Song Lang : the compelling story of an unlikely love

  Leon Le’s heart-string-pulling story of a love that goes unconsummated is probably the the first LGBTQ movie from Vietnam that we have ever seen.  If this is to be the standard bearer of a new source of queer cinema then we cannot wait to see what could follow that would match this. Set in … Continue reading

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