Southern Baptist Sissies

Fourteen years ago writer Del Shores followed his gay cult classic play ‘Sordid Lives’ with another dramedy that takes a hefty swipe at the conservative Baptists stance on homosexuality. Since its premiere it has been very successfully performed extensively in regional theaters throughout the country, but unlike its predecessor it has never found its way … Continue reading

Southern Pride : the struggle to organize Gay Pride in the Deep South

For his 5th documentary queer Canadian filmmaker Malcolm Ingram has returned to the American South where he shot his award-winning Small Town Gay Bar in 2006,  Now he is back in two small towns in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast looking at the state of the LGBTQ community just after Trump’s election in 2016. We … Continue reading

Southwest of Salem : The Story of The San Antonio Four

This is one of those hard-to-believe it’s true stories that never really grabbed the attention of the media so when you come to it ignorance and it unfolds on the screen and you hear the horrifying incredulous details, you cannot fail to be stunned into a combination of shock and anger.  The latter particularly if you … Continue reading

Spa Night

18 year old David is a Korean-American who lives with his first generation immigrant family in L. A.’s Korea town where they run a small shabby restaurant and attend Mass regularly.  He still lives at home and helps out in the restaurant like the good son that he is, and even accompanies his parents once a … Continue reading


This exuberant and highly watchable debut film from director/writer/editor Eusebio Pastrana is essentially about a gay couple who struggle to fulfill their dream of having a child, but its actually more a story about his utopian vision of a world in which all couples, whether gay, straight, or in between, can live happily within the full spectrum … Continue reading

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