Staccato : a 19th Century tale of Upstairs/Downstairs gay love

  Set in the 1800’s this short film is an Upstairs/Downstairs  tale where the aristocratic young master of the House Thomas Croydon (Craig Granger) falls for Sean (Kevin O’Malley) one of his hunky gardeners.  In a story that is equally passionate and histrionic, it shows a side of life we will  never see in Downton Abbey Directed … Continue reading


Opening with a quote from Nietzsche ‘there is also some madness in love, but there is is some reason in madness’ this timely narrative about how extreme homophobia is in Russia is a saddening tale about the price of being gay (and in love) in that country.   Anton and his boyfriend Vlad are driving … Continue reading

State of Pride : YouTube star Raymond Braun investigates

  When queer Oscar winning filmmakers  Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedmann were commissioned by YouTube Originals to make a  documentary to mark the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall they chose Raymond Braun a young LGBT YouTube star to front the project.  Braun, once recognized on Forbes’ 30 under 30,  was born 21 years after the Riots … Continue reading

Steam Room Stories : The Movie : a hammy comedy with semi-naked men

  The one dependable thing about director JC Calciano’s  LGBT comedies is that he never requires you to think much..  He never tries to over-complicate them so within the first 10 minutes you know the entire plot.  He will never ever deviate from it, unless he can add a scenario that he can mine another … Continue reading

Still Waiting In The Wings

How can we put this nicely?  Still Waiting In The Wings is one of those sequels that should never have been made.  We may be very slightly to blame as in 2014 we finished our review of the original Waiting In The Wings with “It’s funny, cute, silly and highly enjoyable with a high-octane energy … Continue reading

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