Valentine Road

On February 12th 2008 in E.O High School in Oxnard, a sleepy Californian beach town, one very troubled teenager took his anger out on one of his classmates and shot him in the back of the head twice at point blank. It was the middle of the day and the class were all together in … Continue reading

VARIAÇÕES: GUARDIAN ANGEL : a queer Portuguese music Legend

  For some unknown reason it took over 10 years to bring this biopic of one of the most significant singers in Portuguese music history to the big screen. António Variações was a larger than life powerful and controversial figure of his time, but to most of us this will probably be the first we … Continue reading

Varichina-the true story of the fake life of Lorenzo de Santis

In the 1970’s Lorenzo de Santis was ‘the only gay in the village’ in Bari an economical depressed port town in Southern Italy. Well, he was the only known homosexual at that time, and by all accounts he was so openly flamboyant that he probably made up for the rest of them still hidden in … Continue reading


We quickly learn from this intriguing new movie from Chucho E. Quintero a very young Mexican filmmaker, that two very important events are possibly about to happen. First gay teenager Alex wants to have sex with his straight best friend Diego before the day is out, and secondly the world is about to end. Literally. … Continue reading

Velvet Buzzsaw

  Velvet Buzzsaw that went straight from the Sundance Film Festival onto the Netflix is probably the campiest movie we have seen for some time. Written and directed by Dan Gilroy and packed with a A list cast that included Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Tom Sturridge and John Malkovich  it’s a  psychological sci-fi … Continue reading

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