A rather compelling Tony Award Winner Lena Hall in her first starring role in a movie, makes this rather cute musical a much more entertaining experience than one may have otherwise expected from what is a somewhat very predictable drama.  Hall plays Becks an aspiring musician who packs up her life in New York … Continue reading

Baby Steps

American/Taiwanese Danny has been with his artist boyfriend Tate for two years now and to mark their anniversary Tate gives him a portrait of them both that he has painted.  However what Danny really wants is a baby.  So too does his mother back in Taiwan who is desperate to be a grandmother, something that her … Continue reading

Back on Board : Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis is an American Hero. The sad thing is that it has taken such a long time for many people to truly acknowledge that. Despite him being a four-time US Olympic diving champion whose many records remain unbroken today, he never always got all the acclaim and rewards that other sportsmen got just because … Continue reading

Bad Boy Street aka Rue Des Mauvais Garcons

It’s dawn in Paris, Yann a middle-aged gay man is walking home when he spots a cute young man lying in the gutter.  Turns out he’s drunk and an American tourist. The street is in the 4th Arrondissement and is called Rue des Mauvais Garcons : hence the movie title. Next morning the boy wakes … Continue reading

Bad Hair aka Pelo Malo

The opening scene of the movie reveals a very reluctant Marta cleaning a luxury apartment aided and abetted by Junior her 9 year old son who she has dragged along as she cannot afford a babysitter. She’s annoyed as she feels that this work is beneath her but has to do it anyway as she … Continue reading

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