When Tanner is accidentally outed in school, whilst the other boys in his class may resort to taunting and bullying him, the girls start to seriously compete for his attention. Three of the most popular teen girls in particular believe that if Tanner would be their G (ay) B (est) F(riend), which their favorite fashion mags … Continue reading


  Jenn’s biological clock is ticking away and she wants to have a baby whilst she still can. Trouble is none of her beaus stick around longer than a few months, so she falls back on her Plan B. Many years ago at College she entered a pact with her best friend Matt that if she … Continue reading

Gayby Baby

Filmmaker Maya Newell has followed her successful Australian TV series ‘Growing Up Gayby’ with this new full length documentary that takes a look at the lives of four different children whose parents all happen to be gay.  It is evidently a subject that is dear to her heart having grown up with two mothers herself. … Continue reading

Geography Club

  The one thing the members of the Club definitely don’t talk about is Geography. They are group of closeted gay high school students who don’t want anyone to know the true purpose of their meetings. There are only three members to start but when Min, a rather bossy bi-sexual, inadvertently catches her friend Russell … Continue reading


Nothing is ever what you expect it to be in the movies. None more so in this new one by edgy Canadian writer/director Bruce La Bruce whose art films usually cross over to pornography on some level. Given the combination of La Bruce’s reputation and the controversial subject matter, this one started out against all odds as … Continue reading

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