Filmmaker Patty Ivins new documentary Hungry tracked three really inspiring women chefs for six months as they all went through crucial periods for their own restaurant businesses. They, and the other industry experts that Ivins interviewed set the scene with facts and figures proving how difficult it still is for women chefs even at the … Continue reading


  The social media star and model/actor Max Emerson courageously took on the pressing topic of homeless LGBT youth for his feature film writing/directing debut.  This fictionalized story was evidently inspired by the countless troubling emails Emerson received from when, at the grand old age of 25, he published his own memoir Hot Sissy – Life Before Flashbulbs.  He … Continue reading

Handsome Devil

Writer/director John Butler’s enchanting coming-of-age movie about two very likable 16 year old boys in an Irish Boarding School seems to sidestep some of the more grittier aspects of homophobia to ensure that the end-result is a engaging feel-good movie that the LGBT community is bound to make it into one of the more popular … Continue reading

Hard Paint aka Tinta Bruta

  Hard Paint aka Tinta Bruta is an intriguing and somewhat perplexing highly erotic tale that swooped up the prestigious Teddy Award for Best LGBT Feature at the Berlinale last month.  Set in the south of Brazil in the small town of Porto Alegre, which is a place so sad that everyone is desperate to leave, making the ones that … Continue reading


When you are more than halfway through HARVEST you could be forgiven for thinking that you are actually watching an Infomercial on modern German farming methods rather than a coming-of-age tale about two teenage boys. This well-meaning debut feature film from writer/director Benjamin Cantu shot on the most minuscule of budgets using actual farm workers instead of actors … Continue reading

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