Jewel’s Catch One

In her youth, Jewel Thais-Williams dabbled at quite a few different professions and then in the early 1970’s when her clothing store was badly effected by an economic downturn, she decided to look for a recession proof business when  she noticed that the Bar across the street was for Sale. Even she had no bartending or … Continue reading

Jake Graf and The Daily Struggle of Trans People

queerguru is always something in awe of trans activist & filmmaker Jake Graf and his powerful body of work that continues to offer insights into the daily challenges of being trans. He is also someone who are we honored to be able to call our friend.  This new short film Headspace that he wrote and … Continue reading

Jamie Marks is Dead

Somewhere in upstate New York teenage Gracie is on the banks of a river where she is rooting out rocks for her collection when she discovers the half naked body of one of the boys from her school. The corpse is Jamie Marks a quiet nerdy boy who had been the butt of other kids … Continue reading

Japan Japan

Any movie that starts off with a large naked erect penis can’t be all that bad can it?   The answer is Yes it can.  I know.  I’ve just watched it.  This very sloppy visual mess is of an Israeli slacker that spends his entire day either looking out of the window, or at his own … Continue reading

Jayson Bend : Queen and Country

Jayson Bend has to be the campest LGBT movie we have seen for ages. Billed as the World’s First Gay Secret Agent it is an amusing parody of a James Bond spy movie chock-a-block with very obvious double entendres.  The hero Jayson Bend 009 (the handsome Davis Brooks) works in London at the Royal Intelligence Ministry … Continue reading

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