Queen of Amsterdam aka Chez Nous

This delightful feel-good Dutch gay movie has blended elements of  ‘Mission Impossible’ with those of ‘La Cage Aux Follies’ that results in a very camp and decidedly old-fashioned jewel-heist comic caper. It all starts at the Chez Nous Bar in Voetboogstraat Alley in the center of Amsterdam where Bertie is the reigning Drag Queen on the … Continue reading

Queens aka Reinas

Looking for a perfect antidote for a cold (ish) Thanksgiving day before the madness kicks I opted to re-visit this delightfully silly farce from 2005, which starred not one but five of Spain’s actress divas.  Not one of whom is on the right side of 50 (or 60 even!) but are all them are vamping … Continue reading

Queer City

This totally fascinating documentary from Filmmaker Draper Shreeve follows a highly diverse group of individual queer men and women living in New York as it seeks out to uncover many aspects of contemporary urban LGBTQ life and culture.  His selection of disparate stories does not seek to cover every side of our community,  but does … Continue reading


Brit filmmaker Daisy Asquith whisks us through 100 years of homosexuality in England in a tight 71 minutes in Queerama her latest documentary. Combining a real treasure trove of archival footage from extensive vaults of the British Film Institute, with clips from a whole range of LGBT feature films, plus more than a dabbing of vintage … Continue reading

Quick Change

In the back streets of Manila amidst a vibrant transsexual community Dorina who is known as the ‘Doc’, is the purveyor of quick fix beauty enhancements.   In a culture obsessed with looks and glamour this ex-entertainer provides the necessary collagen implants so that the ‘lady-birds’ can be transformed into a replica of their favorite female … Continue reading

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