Delphine (Izïa Higelin) is one of those very practical country girls. She lives and works on her father’s farm in the South of France where her days start well before dawn and always finish long after dark.  Her father is concerned because she has now taken to going for long walks late at night, and without … Continue reading

San Diego Gay Bar History

Filmmaker Paul Detwiler’s documentary on the history of gay bars in San Diego is a story that is very similar to that from many other urban areas in the US who have seen the rise and fall of their number of establishments in the past few decades. He starts his film in the aftermath of WW2 when … Continue reading

Saint Laurent

Yves St Laurent, indisputably one of the finest fashion designers and couturiers of the last century, is again the focus of another major movie picture that is as much about as his wild and wicked ways off the catwalk than the creations that he sent down it every season. Following fast on the heels of … Continue reading


James Franco continues his somewhat unhealthy fixation with gay history and culture in his latest turn behind the camera.  His new movie was on Sal Mineo the ‘out’ gay actor who starred along James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and who was nominated twice for Best Supporting Actor Oscars.  However it was hardly a … Continue reading

Salvation Army aka L’Armee Du Salut

Abdellah is a young teenager who lives with his poor large family in an overcrowded small house in Casablanca. He spends his days helping his sisters doing household chores at the behest of his mother who seems perpetually angry with him. Her bad-tempered-ness could be because as he is male she associates him closely with … Continue reading

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