Delphine (Izïa Higelin) is one of those very practical country girls. She lives and works on her father’s farm in the South of France where her days start well before dawn and always finish long after dark.  Her father is concerned because she has now taken to going for long walks late at night, and without … Continue reading

    15 Years : when love is just not enough

      For his feature film debut Israeli writer/director Yuval Hadadi gives us this compelling tale of an outwardly successful gay couple in Tel Aviv who seem to have all the trappings of a good life but who are nevertheless destined for heartbreak  Yoav (Oded Leopold) and Dan (Udi Persi) live in a chic penthouse city … Continue reading


    Filmmaker Patty Ivins new documentary Hungry tracked three really inspiring women chefs for six months as they all went through crucial periods for their own restaurant businesses. They, and the other industry experts that Ivins interviewed set the scene with facts and figures proving how difficult it still is for women chefs even at the … Continue reading


      A rather compelling Tony Award Winner Lena Hall in her first starring role in a movie, makes this rather cute musical a much more entertaining experience than one may have otherwise expected from what is a somewhat very predictable drama.  Hall plays Becks an aspiring musician who packs up her life in New York … Continue reading

    Divine Divas

    The Divas featured in this rather heartwarming documentary are now in their 70’s, and this is the story of them uniting to get back on the stage together for one last time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show that gave them their first taste of fame. They are a bunch of extremely brave … Continue reading

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