Author : The JT Leroy Story

    There is a very good chance that after viewing this new documentary you will end up being more baffled about this whole extraordinary tale, than you were at the very beginning. Based on a true story that is shrouded in a whole combination of deceit, fantasy and bold-faced lies that stretches both one’s imagination and … Continue reading

    A Little Lust

    The first time we catch sight of 16 year old Rocco (Andrea Amato), he is trying to lose his virginity with his best friend Maria (Carolina Pavone). Unfortunately he quickly loses his erection and starts to vex if it’s because Maria is like a sister to him, or the fact that he thinks his penis is … Continue reading

    At The Terrace

    It’s tough enough adapting a stage play into a movie at the best of times, but when it is set in a different culture and language it’s a hard one to pull off for a mainstream audience to get behind and enjoy.  Writer/director Kenji Yamauchi’s movie At The Terrace, which seems the nearest thing to … Continue reading

    Bear City

    Tyler is a pale skinny twink who has a passion for Bears.  The hairier and bigger the better.  ( If you’ve no idea what I am talking about here, then you  better skip this one entirely as its not for you).  Tyler sets out to hunt himself a furry Daddy in this cute romantic comedy … Continue reading

    Blackmail Boys

    When gay Art Student Sam ‘came out’ to his parents they disowned him and cut him off without a cent. Faced with high tuition fees, rent and living expenses to find in Chicago, he resorted to turning tricks as it pays so much better than any other manual labor. However when Aaron his long-term long-distance … Continue reading

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