20.13: Purgatory

    Set in the 24 hours of Christmas Eve 1969 in a Portuguese Army Camp in a remote part of Mozambique where for some reason (that I sure I should remember from my history lessons) they are involved in a civil war. As night-time falls the ‘rebels’ attack the camp and as the soldiers lives are … Continue reading


    3 is really about 1 who wants both the other 2 who are not sure what they want.  In Tom Twyker’s sophisticated amusing (but not very funny) comedy a reasonably good looking couple in their 40’s in Berlin are bored with their successful lives and with each other.  She is the host of a pseudo intellectual TV … Continue reading


    Beatrice (Juliet Stevenson) and her 15 year old son Elliot (Alex Lawther) have arrived at their family’s getaway vacation home in the South of France for one last time.  As the house is now to be sold as Beatrice and her husband are finally getting a divorce, they are there to pack up all its contents. … Continue reading

    An Ordinary Family

    When Seth turns up at the lake side home where his whole family take their annual vacation, only his sister-in-law knows that he will have his boyfriend William in tow. Its a fact that he only shares with William when they are on the front porch and just about to ring the doorbell.  Shock turns … Continue reading

    As Good As You

    Grief can affect us in many different ways, but it’s often the reason that we may behave in a manner that is very difficult for others to comprehend or accept.  When Jo’s (Laura Heisler) wife dies after she has nursed her for 18 months, her life as she knows it falls apart.  She is a … Continue reading

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