Monday, January 20th, 2020

Sunset : It’s never easy to say goodbye

Made in 2017 this gay short story is about a reluctant parting between a soldier about to head off to War (WW2) and his drag-queen lover who had been rejected for military service on the grounds that he was a ‘sexual psychopath’.  The couple had just made love and Peter (NIccolo Walsh)  was trying to leave to go to have one last dinner with his family.


His lover Arnie (Ryan Trout) the more dominant partner of the two tries his best to talk Peter into staying.  His  main argument is that he shouldn’t be fighting to support a country/system that would never accept them as they are.  Their liaison may have been new, but it is obvious from the conversation that there was obviously a deep connection with the two men already.

This very touching  movie shows how tough saying goodbye between two boys has always been tough throughout time .  Particularly at that time when so many LGBTQ men and women were  about to lose their young lives never having ever been able to come out of the closet and be  their true selves.

With impeccable convincing performances from the two actors, this 16 minute short from newbie directors Katie Ennis, and Gary Jaffe  is a wee gem.

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