Saturday, September 7th, 2019

The Marvelous Miss Maye

Besides being a legendary singer whose many claims include 76 appearances singing on The Johnny Carson Show etc.  Marilyn Maye has wormed her way into the hearts of the entire population of Provincetown..  

For the past 9 years she has headlined the Broadway at the Art House Series in a week of sold out shows  that have become a highlight of the Season.  This fabulous feisty nonagenarian with her unceasing energy wows the crowd that are drawn to her remarkable talent for making every single song  come so alive. She always has us totally eating out of her hands.

We can totally understand why the  late great Ella Fitzgerald called Marilyn Maye  :the greatest white female singer in the world..

This year her show was all songs about LOVE as she shared her passion  for both love and life , particularly when it is PTown.  For the past 5 years QUEERGURU has had the privilege of interviewing Miss Maye and its become a big highlight for us too.

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