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THE THIRD : Is Three in a Bed is better than Two?


For many gay men the idea of maintaining a romantic relationship is still a daunting task.  Never having queer role models when we grew up and often living in hostile homophobic households didn’t exactly prepare us for establishing our own family units.

The thought then of including a third person into such a relationship seems like something that  is almost impossible for us to consider,  The initial attraction of having another body in bed is tempting when the physical element of a relationship has waned or even stopped after a time.  BUT there is a lot more to it than just sharing sex and what may start out to invigorate a stale partnership  may  actually end up ruining it completely.

A threesome, or a triad as they keep insisting on calling it, is the centre of this rather pedestrian web-series which cannot quite decide if its a comedy , drama or a thriller . 

29 year old  Jason Height (Sean McBride) has recently moved to Palm Springs, and not having friends there he hits the gay bars looking to make some connections   He does just that when he stumbles over an older man Carl (Corey Page) whose thirteen year old relationship with David (Ryland Shelton) is on the verge of collapse.

There is an immediate physical connection between all three of them and literally in a blink of an eye Jason moves first into their bed and then into their comfortable home.  However it’s like sticking a Band Aid over a broken bone, and very soon cracks start to appear in this too-good-to-be-true arrangement.  It isn’t helped by that fact that moody David, the drama queen of the trio, has a dark secret that he has been hiding from both men.

It’s a kind of a let down in the 6th and final episode of their web series when we discover what it is, but by then any hint of comedy has been placed by a soap-opera type melodrama .

The physical chemistry in the steamy love making scenes is convincing but soon disappears when they put their clothes back on.

We are told that creator Matthew Lynn has first hand knowledge of being in a thruple/threesome, but he also admits he has been in more than one, which reaffirms the fact that these arrangements may be great on paper, but not in person.  And certainly not in dramas like this

The series madc back in 2017 will be  streaming on DEKKOO in October 2019


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