Friday, May 22nd, 2020

What the glamorous Drag Queens in Peru are up to during Lockdown


Marta BeatChu is a very successful Drag Queen who lives and works in LA.   However if you say her name fast you may be able to spot where she originally hails from i.e. Peru (Manchu Pinchu). 

Marta has been performing in her adopted home town since 2013 bur he has never forgotten her Drag Sisters  back in Peru. Here’s a wonderful video she has compiled of a few of them who are sitting out the Coronavirus Lockdown BUT not very quietly at all.

Her extremely glamorous friends include Georgia Hart,  Tany Delariva,  Xanaxtasia,   Nebulah Knowles,  Miss Envy Peru.

You can find details of each of their Venmo and/or PayPal accounts if you feel so moved to Tip them.  We do hope you will as: after all looking this good, doesn’t come cheap


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