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  Chavela is an affectionate profile of the wonderfully outrageous legendary woman who introduced the world to soulful Mexican ranchero music, the likes of which had never been heard before.  As another singer so aptly said, Chavela Vargas would strip all the happiness out of these songs and make it the music of the wounded … Continue reading

Cherry Pop

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  Cherry Pop is small town shabby gay bar that looks like it probably has never seen better days.  However it is home for the small coterie of drag queens who perform there nightly even though it looks they out number the audience at the best of times.  Every night this band of performers are … Continue reading

Close Knit

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  Japanese writer/director Naoko Ogigami’s latest movie is a delightfully sensitive family story that puts a refreshing slant on the continuing dialogue about the transgender community that is the focus of more and more films these days. 11-year-old Tomo (an enchanting and rather sanguine Rin Kakihara) has a single-parent mother who has a habit of suddenly … Continue reading

Concrete Night

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One can only imagine when the Finnish Film Academy submitted Concrete Night as the country’s official submission for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar in 2014, that the Finnish Tourist Authorities must have had a royal fit. This deeply disturbing story is shot in a bleak unforgiving depressing public housing project in one of Helsinki’s rougher … Continue reading

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