Are you Proud? Watch this before saying yes

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  Have you ever been in a heated conversation about the factions in our community? A conversation that has questioned why another letter has or has not been added to the LGBTQI+ acronym? This documentary directed by  Ashley Joiner is an ambitious attempt to connect the dots, differences and intersections we live and love with. … Continue reading

Southern Pride : the struggle to organize Gay Pride in the Deep South

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For his 5th documentary queer Canadian filmmaker Malcolm Ingram has returned to the American South where he shot his award-winning Small Town Gay Bar in 2006,  Now he is back in two small towns in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast looking at the state of the LGBTQ community just after Trump’s election in 2016. We … Continue reading

State of Pride : YouTube star Raymond Braun investigates

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  When queer Oscar winning filmmakers  Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedmann were commissioned by YouTube Originals to make a  documentary to mark the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall they chose Raymond Braun a young LGBT YouTube star to front the project.  Braun, once recognized on Forbes’ 30 under 30,  was born 21 years after the Riots … Continue reading

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