Cinema Verite

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Almost 40 years ago before our TV screens were over-run with excessive trivial drivel that, without a single hint of irony, is called Reality TV, there were The Louds, ‘An American Family’.  Documentary filmmaker Craig Gilbert had seduced this seemingly near perfect nuclear family into allowing his film crew to set up cameras all around their … Continue reading

Mapplethorpe : Look at the Pictures

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The prolific gay filmmakers Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato start this latest documentary of theirs on the celebrated and controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in 1989 with the scene of the right wing Republican Senator Jesse Helms angrily pleading  with the Senate to stop the public funding of the latest Mapplethorpe Exhibition. The fact it didn’t actually receive any monies … Continue reading

Regarding Susan Sontag

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The writer/philosopher/political activist/filmmaker Susan Sontag gained both a reputation and a notoriety for her controversial work very early on in her career which stuck with her until her untimely death just aged 71. This new HBO documentary by Nancy Kates seems to deliberately set out to be a tribute to someone the director is clearly … Continue reading

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