Baloney : the story of a struggling boy burlesque/stripper group

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  According to the English dictionary,  the meaning of ‘baloney’ is nonsense.  And that is what this directing debut of filmmaker Joshua Guerci really is : harmless nonsense.  It’s a documentary of the ‘Gay All-Male Group’  (that includes a woman and a straight man) in San Francisco who are struggling pre-covid to find bigger audiences … Continue reading

Queerguru @ London Film Festival : Andrew Hebden reviews the excellent FLEE

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It’s the (second) most wonderful time of the year. The 2021 London Film Festival is about to heap a feast of brand-new meaty morsels on us and Queerguru is ready to slice it, dice it, and serve it up fresh. There was no better or more challenging way to plunge into this year’s programming than … Continue reading

Queerguru’s ANDREW HEBDEN raves about Francis Lee’s AMMONITE

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  It is time to rename the London Film Festival the Lesbian Film Festival because once again our favourite movie of the series was all about the women. Last year it was the skin clawing religious creeper Saint Maud and the ode to life long love of the Two of Us. This year it’s the … Continue reading

Queerguru’s David Lagachu reviews THE MALE GAZE: THREE’S COMPANY

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The Male Gaze: Three’s Company – an anthology film series hand-picked by NQV Media deals with myriad issues under the queer sun. However, the series of six short films doesn’t limit itself to singular themes and sensitively deals with universal issues such as racism, politics, xenophobia et al.  Golden Boys (8 mins) Director: Jill Riley. … Continue reading

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