Author : The JT Leroy Story

There is a very good chance that after viewing this new documentary you will end up being more baffled about this whole extraordinary tale, than you were at the very beginning. Based on a true story that is shrouded in a whole combination of deceit, fantasy and bold-faced lies that stretches both one’s imagination and … Continue reading

A Change of Heart

After sitting through a rather painful 105 minutes of this seriously unfunny comedy we are still totally surprised that it’s star Jim Belushi didn’t have his own change of heart about being involved in such a disappointing movie. However what it is even more disturbing is that the movie which is produced by Emilio Estefan … Continue reading

A Date for Mad Mary

It is important to understand in this totally enchanting Irish dramedy that the Mary (Seána Kerslake) in the title is not mad in the conventional sense of the word,  and this is just a label hurled at her by people who simply do not know how to cope with her wild and nonconforming spirit.  She has … Continue reading

A Fantastic Woman

Sebastián Lelio’s extraordinary wonderful new movie gets to the very core of Chilean society’s inbred homophobia and transphobia that threatens the very existence of Marina  (Daniela Vega) the protagonist simply because they resent the very fact that she had been the light of her dead lover’s life.  The movie opens with 57-year-old Orlando (Francisco Reyes) getting ready … Continue reading

A Few Days of Respite aka Quelques Jours De Repit

This movie opens with two Iranian gay men who are fleeing their country (to avoid being executed as is the norm for homosexuals in Iran) and they have been dropped off at a railway line in the French countryside from where they can walk to the Station and catch a train, which will eventually get … Continue reading

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