Coming Out

Unless you are gay or fit in somewhere along the queer spectrum you will never ever really be able to appreciate the traumas of coming out of the closet about your sexuality in this heteronormative world.    There is simply no one way of doing this, and when young filmmaker Alden Peters decided it was … Continue reading

Call Me By Your Name

Luca Guadagnino’s latest, and best movie has been the subject of a stealth marketing campaign which revealed little of substance about the movie but somehow hyped expectations to a dizzy height.  Thankfully for once they proved extremely accurate as this near-faultless film about an intergenerational summer love affair is a sublimely perfect coming-of-age story that is … Continue reading

Call Me Marianna

The first time we see forty-something year Polish Marianna is as she is heading to Court to sue her aged parents. It is evidently the only way that she can be allowed to go ahead with the sex realignment surgery which is the final part of her transitioning. After Marianne separated from her wife of … Continue reading

Call Your Father

Queer filmmaker Jordan Firstman’s short film CALL YOUR FATHER is a disturbing tale about an intergenerational disconnect between two gay men hooking up for a date.  Greg (Craig Chester) a rather reserved 50 year-old is picking up 24 year-old Josh (played by Firstman) who is a bundle of uncontrollably energy.  The young man is a … Continue reading

Camp Chaos : a review of Matthew Camp’s new explicit movie

  Hottie actor/model/designer Matthew Camp has one of the raunchiest Instagram accounts we have ever come across.  Never hesitant about shedding his clothes and sharing his fit tattooed body that he is  rightfully very proud of.  Camp is also the host of Happie Camper a weekly radio show with his co-host @bigpisstits and a recent … Continue reading

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