When Tanner is accidentally outed in school, whilst the other boys in his class may resort to taunting and bullying him, the girls start to seriously compete for his attention. Three of the most popular teen girls in particular believe that if Tanner would be their G (ay) B (est) F(riend), which their favorite fashion mags … Continue reading

Game Girls : a lesbian couple making a life together of sorts on Skid Row

  Game Girls the sophomore documentary from  Alina Skrzeszewska filmed in cinema-verite mode is a highly emotional view of the rocky relationship of two African/American young lesbians living in LA’s notorious Skid Row which seems like the end of the world. When the film starts Terim who is coping with mental illness, is going to … Continue reading

Garden of the Stars : a lyrical tale about an enchanting final resting place

  Garden of the Stars is a beautiful lyrical film and is the story of the old St. Matthäus churchyard in Berlin-Schöneberg..  Well, more importantly it is  the story of one rather extraordinary man who has made the place his home since he opened his Cemetary Cafe in 2006. Bernd Boßmann is a psychiatric nurse … Continue reading

Gay Chorus : Deep South and their message of hope

  It seems like perfect timing for this new film, the debut feature from director David Charles Rodrigues, a Brazilian American equal-rights advocate.  After a new wave of homophobia bordering on violence which the present Administration seem content to sanction, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus became determined to counter-balance this with a message of … Continue reading

GAY LIFE in London in the 1930″s

In a ground breaking piece of Television in the 1980’s British/South African TV Producer Michael Atwell’s GAY LIFE documentary looks back at what it was like to be a gay man in the 1930’s in London. His guide is Clifford Skinner and his friend Benny who takes Atwell round all the infamous haunts where gay … Continue reading

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