Matt and Dan : a web series you will not want to miss

  We have just come across one of THE best comedy LGBT web series from last year which is truly laugh out loud.  Matt & Dan has been created by actor  Matt Wilkas (Gayby)  and actor/comedian Daniel Vincent Gordh (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)  and is a series of skits which always have hilarious consequences for the … Continue reading


  This debut feature from Berlin-based Canadian filmmaker Drew Lint is an edgy experimental thriller that appears to be loosely based on his own life. Matthew (Antoine Lahaie) a drifting Canadian has settled into a new life in Berlin but has become increasingly lonely.  One day he meets Mathias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher) a very good … Continue reading

M.O.B. Wives of Richmond

This rather muddled and affectionate profile tells part of the story of group of outrageous outsized African/American middle-aged women in Richmond Virginia who have adopted the personas of Drag Queens. Centered around Anelica O. Mark-Harris their large-than-life queen bee, these women bedeck themselves out in flamboyant camp dresses and top their look off with a wig … Continue reading

Madam Baterflai

The sub-title of Argentinian filmmaker Carina Sama’s first documentary movie is ‘diversity within diversity’ which aptly covers this close study of the lives of four transvestites and one transsexual in Bolivia today.  Each of the five have made an extraordinary journey to reach the point of where they are now, and whilst most of have … Continue reading

Madame : a charming tale of love and acceptance between two generations

  Madame is one of those intimate autobiographical movies that draws you in at the very first scene.  In this case because we see the elegant elderly Caroline Della Beffa who is the grandmother of the filmmaker and the story of their relationship is the main crux of this delightful and enchanting documentary. Stephane Riethauser  … Continue reading

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