Milk : the legend who fought for a better life for us all

  Given the recent electoral defeats in California and Florida, the opening of Gus Van Sant’s totally wonderful biopic on gay activist and martyr Harvey Milk couldn’t have been more auspicious.  It is an incredible record of a real maverick that bears witness to his life and his work.  A joyous tribute that will remind you … Continue reading

MINYAN: Coming Out Gay and Jewish

  When queer documentarian Eric Steel  adapted David Bezmozgis ‘s short story MINYAN into his first feature film the narrative became much more personal.  Like the protagonist David (Samuel H. Levine) ., Steel grew up in a New York Jewish family in the 1980’s when being gay in the midst of an AIDS pandemic was … Continue reading

Miss Rosewood : the life of a self-styled transgender terrorist

  Jon Cory aka Miss Rosewood the transgender performance artist whose outrageous act goes way beyond what most of us would find acceptable, has always claimed that her work can only meaningfully be experienced in person.  It’s surprising then she agreed to allow the Danish cinematographer Helle Jensen to make her the subject of the … Continue reading

Mississippi Damned

This rather harrowing narrative about an extended black family in the 8os’ & 90’s in semi rural Mississippi was an inspired choice for the opening movie of ‘O’ Cinema, Miami’s newest edgy Art House Theater. A deeply disturbing debut film from writer/director Tina Mabry, which is even more disturbing on reflection when I discovered after … Continue reading

Mixed Kebab

Bram is in his 20’s and a good-looking Belgian/Turkish gay man who is rather smitten with blond, blue-eyed Kevin who works with his mother at their wee Cafe in Antwerp.  Unusually for self-confident Bram who subsides his Waiter’s job by some small time drug dealing on the side, he is however unsure of either Kevin’s … Continue reading

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