MOFFIE : a harrowing coming-of-age tale

  The fact that ‘moffie’ is the South African equivalent of ‘faggot’ sets the tone for one of the most harrowing coming-of-age films we have ever seen.  It is set in South Africa in 1981 in the midst of apartheid where the white minority still dominate and persecute the ‘colored’ population.  They however are not … Continue reading

Moffie : Soldier stripped bare 

  At one point in this movie the lead character, Nicholas Van der Swar (Kai Luke Brummer) is warned “Try to stay invisible” but there is nowhere to hide as director Oliver Hermanus slowly and powerfully strips individuality and intimacy away from him. Conscripted at sixteen into the white supremacist army defending the apartheid of … Continue reading

Monsoon: going back home will not always work out as you plan

  Queer Cambodian/Chinese filmmaker Hong Khaou’s sophomore movie that draws heavily from his own past unfolds at the slowest of paces in a very similar style as his debut film Lilting.  This time the story is about a British/Vietnamese man going back to his birthplace for the first time since he was 6 years old … Continue reading

Monster Pies

This very touching wee coming of age romance is set in a Melbourne suburb in Australia in the 1990’s when people still watched VHS tapes and wore baggy jeans. Michael is a teenager living with his divorced mother who is always off working,  and with only one friend to his name, is very much a … Continue reading


  Moonlight is probably the most exquisite and understated LGBT coming of age story to hit our screens for years. Light on plot and even sparse on dialogue, it nevertheless packs a powerful punch showing the inner turmoil of an African/American youth coming to terms with his own sexuality as he grows up in one of … Continue reading

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