McKellen: Playing The Part

  The great veteran British actor and passionate LGBTQ activist Sir Ian McKellen has yet to write an autobiography about his very full and successful life, but maybe he won’t have to now after this intimate and affectionate documentary of his life.  For the film, made by Joe Stephenson, McKellen evidently sat in a comfortable … Continue reading


  At last an iconic fashion designer finally gets a documentary that has been crafted in a style that truly matches his visionary clothes and is completely faithful to the integrity of his inspirational work.  The story of Alexander McQueen as portrayed in this new detailed profile from filmmakers Ian Bonhôte (AlleyCats) and Peter Ettedgui (son … Continue reading

Me At The Zoo

Asides from the endless slew of instant celebrities that Reality TV tries to force upon us, there is now an onslaught from the Internet when videos go viral. This movie is about one such star, and trust me I use the word ‘star’ very reluctantly. Chris Crocker was/is an outrageously gay teenager living in the backwoods of … Continue reading

Me, Myself & Her

When you read that the Italian writer/director of an LGBT movie has actually been threatened with ex-communication by the  Church,  and that the Catholic Press has even refused to review the film as it is causing so much offense, then you suppose that it must be so racy/edgy that you are in for a real treat. … Continue reading

Me, Myself & Mum

Guillaume has to ‘come out’ to his entire family but that’s no easy task in this quirky French comedy which has a neat twist on this perennial situation. His problem is that they all pronounced that he was ‘gay’ from birth and have treated him as an effeminate camp boy ever since.  The trouble is … Continue reading

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