Over the past few years, Emmy Award-winning producer and director Jeffrey Schwarz has carved out quite a niche as the leading exponent of creating such excellent documentaries of leading queer icons. So far he has told us the stories of Vito Russo, Tab Hunter, Allen Carr, Jack Wrangler, and the fabulous Divine.  However, this … Continue reading

Queerguru @ BFI Flare : I AM SAMUEL

  Religion, homophobia, and a lack of resources loom over a touching account of one man reconciling his love for another man with the expectations of his family. The brave participants of this documentary avoid melodrama, histrionics and self pity. It’s a show and tell story that gives its subjects the decency of realism.  Living … Continue reading

Queerguru @ BFI Flare : DRAMARAMA

  Queer writer/director Jonathan Wysocki’s debut feature film is based on his own high school days  where a bunch of geeky best friends prefer to play dress-up drama than actually deal with the reality of their own lives  It all takes place in Escondido California back in 1994 and as the summer has ended it … Continue reading

Queen of Amsterdam aka Chez Nous

This delightful feel-good Dutch gay movie has blended elements of  ‘Mission Impossible’ with those of ‘La Cage Aux Follies’ that results in a very camp and decidedly old-fashioned jewel-heist comic caper. It all starts at the Chez Nous Bar in Voetboogstraat Alley in the center of Amsterdam where Bertie is the reigning Drag Queen on the … Continue reading

Queen of Lapa : the story of Brazilian Trans Activist Luana Muniz

  The Brazilian transgender activist Luana Muniz was considered such a fascinating character that her life has been the subject of no less that three documentaries.   This latest one by Theodore Collatos, and Carolina Monnerat was completed just before Muniz died og a heart attack in 2017 aged 59. She was larger than life figure who … Continue reading

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