You Don’t Nomi’ : The Showgirls Documentary 

  As the four corners of your coronavirus cell room draw ever closer Queerguru is here for those of you who are thirsting for fresh streams. This documentary ‘You Don’t Nomi’ has a double potential as it’s about a movie that we haven’t seen. If it inspires us to see the movie then we get … Continue reading

You I Love

An advertising executive has been happily dating a beautiful and famous newscaster and they have just celebrated their first anniversary in their fashionable Moscow home. Then one evening on the way home he runs down an itinerant Mongolian farm laborer who he takes back to his apartment and suddenly has mad passionate sex.  The girlfriend is … Continue reading

Young Hunter : from queer Argentinian filmmaker Marco Berger

  Marco Berger, the most celebrated and prolific queer Argentinian filmmaker is back with his 8th feature film. His second film Absent (Ausente) in 2011 that won the prestigious Teddy Award at the Berlinale is considered his breakthrough, but we have to admit that his very first film Plan B still remains one of our favorites. All Berger’s … Continue reading

Your Heart Is Homeless : the story of a conflicted queer man

  The scene is a  quiet gay pub in a  London side street at lunchtime .  There are just two men at the bar and they make eye contact with each other so when  one of them we later discover is called James (Peter McPherson) , heads for the mens room, the other man , … Continue reading

You’re Killing Me

Joe is a serial killer.  He started with murdering small animals but now that he has been released from the Mental Institution he was ‘confined too’ he has progressed to adults. Mostly gay ones, particularly annoying ones, and they are several of them in this new slasher/romantic comedy about a group of self-absorbed gay men … Continue reading

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