Daddy’s Boy

    Filmmaker Daniel Armando‘s sensual essay about four young men’s shedding their inhibitions and some of their clothing discovering their unfolding sexuality in a series of rather intense vignettes set in different scenarios around New York . None have a story of such, and are not inter-related, and they are each shot provocatively with hints of nudity very stylized in … Continue reading

    Ding Dong I’m Gay!

      It’s taken two years to convert the pilot episodes of DING DONG I’M GAY an outrageous queer Aussie comedy. This raunchy sex-positve web series  is now finally  set to be released on You Tube  for FREE online on  July 22. This is the story of Cameron (Tim Spencer who also created the series) six … Continue reading

    A Few Days of Respite aka Quelques Jours De Repit

    This movie opens with two Iranian gay men who are fleeing their country (to avoid being executed as is the norm for homosexuals in Iran) and they have been dropped off at a railway line in the French countryside from where they can walk to the Station and catch a train, which will eventually get … Continue reading


    Somethings should simply not be re-visited years later after they were created/performed and bad sex is definitely on that list.  Of course when I thought about re-watching Todd Verow’s grimy little movie that he made in 2004 I had obviously mis-remembered and far from it being an erotic take on the anonymous antics of a … Continue reading

    Be Happy The Musical : will probably make you miserable

    If you manage to sit through this whole movie, then the very thing you will certainly not be is Happy. Veteran Spanish filmmaker Ventura Pons has gathered together a very impressive European cast that include the likes of  Sian Phillips, Vicky Peña, Gary Wilmot, Billy Cullum and the entire Mallorca Gay Men Chorus who all … Continue reading

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