20.13: Purgatory

    Set in the 24 hours of Christmas Eve 1969 in a Portuguese Army Camp in a remote part of Mozambique where for some reason (that I sure I should remember from my history lessons) they are involved in a civil war. As night-time falls the ‘rebels’ attack the camp and as the soldiers lives are … Continue reading


    3 is really about 1 who wants both the other 2 who are not sure what they want.  In Tom Twyker’s sophisticated amusing (but not very funny) comedy a reasonably good looking couple in their 40’s in Berlin are bored with their successful lives and with each other.  She is the host of a pseudo intellectual TV … Continue reading

    45 Days Away From You : can change everything

      Loosely based on his own life queer Brazilian filmmaker Raphael Gomes’s feature film debut is the story of one man’s journey after being unceremoniously dumped by his boyfriend.  The protagonist also named Raphael and played by Raphael de Bona had stayed at home in Sao Paolo whilst his unnamed beau went on a trip … Continue reading


    Beatrice (Juliet Stevenson) and her 15 year old son Elliot (Alex Lawther) have arrived at their family’s getaway vacation home in the South of France for one last time.  As the house is now to be sold as Beatrice and her husband are finally getting a divorce, they are there to pack up all its contents. … Continue reading

    Always Say Yes : will get this country boy a great deal of action

      This latest queer movie from Chilean filmmaker Alberto Fuguet takes a very fine line between sexual fantasy and actual pornography .   It’s the story of young Hector  (Gerardo Torres Rodríguez) who leaves his rural him in Hermosillo  for the bright lights of Mexico City where he has hopes of being chosen  to pose naked … Continue reading

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