Monday, November 23rd, 2020

SUPERGLORYHOLE: Big Queer Digital Meltdown!


They don’t celebrate Independence Day in the UK (why should they, this is the day the Brits finally let the US loose)  but they will be partying this weekend anyway.

Two of our very favorite East London queer venues : DALSTON  SUPERSTORE and THE GLORY are getting together with  The Karaoke Hole for what they promise will be “a night of pixelated pandemonium!  They told Queerguru “this ain’t just any old Zoom Room…this is a majestic palace of East London faggotry.”

From the comfort of your own home wherever in the world that may be, it will all kick off at The Karaoke Hole with some sumptuous cocktail action,  then it’s down to The Glory for gossip and intrigue with her majesty Princess Julia!  She will not be alone (but is that girl ever…..) and she’ll be inviting along some of her favourite stars of the East London cabaret scene for pop up shows and whatever.

Then it’s up to Dalston Superstore for queer chaos from some of our favourite DJs and drag demons.

Expect to see/hear Midland, Hannah Holland ,Dan Beaumont, Gin, Jane Norman, Milk Shandy, ShayShay, Princess Julia, John Sizzle , A Man to Pet, Jonbenet Blonde, Sophie Brain , Mahatma Khandi , Rudi Douglas and many more.

Buy a ticket, or give what you can afford and support this extended royal family of queens, kings and things! We would also so recommend that you actually become an Dalston Superstore member to help them though all this Covid Lockdown shit, and then you will  receive free entry.

Saturday 28th November 2020
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