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A Fabulous Queer Holiday Gift Guide


The festive season is amazing. Not only do we get to enjoy in the endless Christmassy nights and different winter activities, or enjoy some sexy Santa photographs and costumes with the most handsome models and actors, but we also get to be more and more excited about the Christmas presents that we are going to get from our loved ones. However, if you’re queer, or you want to buy a present for someone who’s queer, then perhaps you might want to pay a bit more attention. Why? Because it is always very challenging to buy presents for queer people, as you really have to guess or know their taste. But, to make things a bit simpler, take a look at some of the gift ideas that you might want to get them. All of these are safe options, and quite original as well.

1. Something for the sexy nights

If it is not unusual for you to get someone something sexual, then this might just be the perfect gift. If you’re buying a present for your queer brother, for example, then you might want to skip this step, but if you’re getting something for your partner, or a loving friend, then you should definitely take adult toys into consideration. This is something that is slowly but steadily stopping to be a taboo topic, with more and more people being completely open about the ways they make their sex life more interesting. There are a plethora of sex toys on the market, so make sure to choose the safest option and put it under their Xmas tree.

2. Something for the outdoor enthusiasts

If you want to be a bit bolder, well, you would have to think outside of the box. Sometimes the sexual orientation or the lifestyle of a person doesn’t really matter in buying the perfect gift, but rather the activities that they enjoy in their free time. If the person in question is an outdoor activity enthusiast, perhaps you might want to think in that direction. For example, one of the most popular activities for the bold is scuba diving, so opting for a good piece of scuba diving equipment is a fantastic idea. Apart from that, you can always get them a nice helmet if they love motorbiking or biking equipment if they love some air in their hair.

3. Something for the cozy nights

We did discuss something for the sexy nights, but if they want a quiet night in, a cozy night or perhaps even a romantic night with their partner, then cozy and comfortable underwear is a must. Remember that underwear is something that everyone needs, yet also something that we rarely buy for ourselves because we tend to forget about it. Choosing a high-quality pair of Tani underwear and pairing it with a pajama or thermals, or perhaps with another pair of underwear is an excellent idea. Not only will you have a plethora of options – ranging from comfortable to sexy pairs and briefs – but you will also be giving them something they do actually need.

4. Something for the sport junkies

Some people really make it very easy for you to pick a present as they tend to state what activities they like and enjoy. This is the case with all the gym rats out there, as it is perfectly obvious that buying them anything related to the gym is the best option. Think about gym bags, t-shirts, weights, shakers, even towels… anything nice and high-quality you might come across will do. They will definitely like this present and, most importantly, use it on a daily basis.

5. Something for the ones who love to travel

Everyone loves traveling. But, gay and queer people tend to love traveling just a little bit more. Also, they have completely different goals at each destination, so if your friend/partner/family member loves traveling, then you should totally get them something that they will use while there. Of course, the first option would be to book them a nice trip, but then again, it might be better to leave the choice of destination to them. You can always opt for extra miles, a nice suitcase or a rucksack that they will take as a carry-on. But, you can also think in a different direction, and get them something that they will use for their photographs there. Perhaps it would be too expensive to buy them a new camera, but getting them different camera accessories, or perhaps a fashion accessory that they will take to their next destination might be a wonderful idea. Also, power banks, noise-cancelling earphones and traveling books are also good ideas.

Christmas is an amazing time of the year. Not only do we get to enjoy in all the festive activities and nicely-decorated places, but we are also looking forward to every day as every day brings something unique and magical. In order to get the best presents, you have to give back to the world – so take some time to think about the most original presents that you can get to your beloved friend, partner or family member.

QUEERGURU Correspondent PETER MINKOFF is  a gay health and lifestyle writer at QUEER VOICES magazine. Besides writing, he worked as a freelance fashion STYLIST in Europe and Australia. A true craft beer and soy latte aficionado, he loves spending his days at the beach and visiting second hand stores on a daily basis. Follow Peter on TWITTER for more tips.


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