Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

OMG its OrG(!)


Grindr the gay sex hook up app may now be available in 196 countries but it is still not in the same league as Blued.  This is the world’s largest online gay ‘dating site with some 27 million users most of whom are Chinese.  Seems a tad odd to us that in country where the Authorities monitor and censor so much foreign internet content, that Blued should be allowed to flourish and in the 7 years since it started, become worth some $600 million.

They have used some of their money and power to invest in a new webseries that  is launching next month in the Philippines. ORG! (Come and Play)  is undisguised soft porn, which who knows may get hard in time as it revolves around a group of gay men engaging in an orgy.

Judging by the trailer there seems very little in the way of actual plot but director Rod Singh claims it is about a medicine graduate named Ram. He is secretly dating Niko, a filmmaker in his mid-20, but as they become more entwined in organizing orgies, their relationship falls apart.  Thus most of what is on screen is  a group of naked man negotiating their desires and preferences.

Singh believes there is  always a certain stigma around orgies (!)  but he says that there are stories in orgies just like any romantic relationship. He wants his series to  reclaim that narrative.

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