Still confused by whole LGBTQIA +++ lexicon?

  Are you still confused by the whole LGBTQA +++ lexicon? (Some bright spark in the UK even tried to add a K for Kinky this weekend!)  Well, the one letter that seems to stump most people is P for Pansexual as it seems an awful lot like B for Bisexual.  Wikipedia explains  “A literal dictionary definition of … Continue reading

Still wanna believe in Santa

It’s that time of year again when in the fierce winter weather some really hot totties slip into their speedos to run the streets with Santa.  Now we are not complaining (far be it ) especially as they all raise money for some very good causes, buy we cannot fathom out why all take place … Continue reading

Still Wild about Wilde

Although he has been dead for over 116 years now, Ireland’s most famous playwright and homosexual Oscar Wilde is still as popular as ever.  He was one of the wittiest men that ever lived on this planet and as well as all his plays and books he threw out such marvelous bon mots like queerguru’s all-time favorite We are … Continue reading


Roadside Attractions have just released the first trailer of the much-anticipated movie STONEWALL that is set for a general release in US theaters on 25th September 2015.  The movie written by Jon Robin Baitz (TV’s ‘Brother and Sisters’) and directed Roland Emmerich (‘Independence Day’ “The Day After Tommorrow’) who is openly gay, is a fictional narrative that … Continue reading

Stonewall : a queerguru pick

Out gay director Roland Emmerich was on the receiving end of some very nasty vitriolic abuse by people condemning his new movie outright purely on the first sight of a trailer.  A petition was even drawn up urging people to boycott the movie even though no-one had still actually seen it yet to judge it … Continue reading

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