A Gay Girl in Damascus :The Amina Profile

    Sandra Bagaria a French Canadian Jewish girl from Montreal went online looking for love.  She thinks she has struck gold when she hooks up with a Syrian/American lesbian called Amina who is currently living in Damascus. Very quickly their emails to each other get hot and steamy as they exchange intimate naked photographs and engage … Continue reading

    A Girl At My Door

    Yeong-nam doesn’t seemed too overjoyed to be the new precinct Chief of Police in a remote fishing village far from Seoul. When she has a briefing with the local area Superintendent soon after she arrives we learn that there has been an undisclosed ‘incident’ that has prompted this unwanted transfer. Now she is advised that … Continue reading

    A Kid Like Jake

      Alex (Claire Danes ) and Greg ( Jim Parsons) are an ultra-liberal Brooklyn married couple whose lives completely revolve around their gifted son Jake ( Leo James Davis ).  He’s now at the age where he needs to leave pre-school and join a kindergarten class, which given both the competitive system to gain on the very limited … Continue reading

    A Man, His Lover & His Mother aka Rosie

    Lorenz Meran is a successful middle-aged gay writer who is struggling with writers block when he gets called back home after his elderly mother has a stroke. Rosie is a feisty old bird and unlike Lorenz and his perpetually unhappy sibling Sophie, she seems to be the one member of this family who likes to … Continue reading

    A Million Happy Nows

    This is a one of those rather glorious no-holds-barred weepy melodramas that Hollywood would have termed as a ‘women’s picture’ in the good old days.  It still is in a sense, but for entirely different reasons.  This time the romantic pair at the centre of this rather wonderful sad tale are lesbians.  It is the … Continue reading

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