The Falls : Testament Of Love

    As a sequel to writer/director Jon Garcia’s rather touching debut movie ‘The Falls’ this new movie follows the two gay ex-Mormon Missionaries five years on when they have long since parted and gone their separate ways. R.J. now writes on LGBT issues for a magazine and is living in Seattle and has a steady and … Continue reading

    The First Temptation of Christ: not for anyone remotely religious

      It’s only natural that the more people complain that a film is greatly offensive, the more we get intrigued enough to want to see it.  Even more so when the whiners are the ultra-conservative religious who are  up in arms about a comedy satire group that put their spin on celebrating the Baby Jesus’s … Continue reading

    The Fruit Machine : how Canada persecuted the LGBT community in the past

      For those of us in the LGBTQ community in the  US who have recently been looking North enviously at the positive and refreshing liberating leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau may be shocked to discover that there is also long history of oppression that the Canadian authorities rigidly imposed on anyone suspected of being gay.  … Continue reading

    The Gospel According To André

      Fashion Guru and former Editor-at-Large for American Vogue André Leon Talley puts a whole new meaning on the expression ‘larger-than-life’. In this very affectionate profile on him, filmmaker Kate Novack simply points her cameras at Talley and lets him perform. This charismatic African-American tastemaker loves the sound of his own voice as he gives his … Continue reading

    The Gospel of Eureka

      Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a city that is a little hard to believe.  In fact, the opening scenes when the local Pastor is describing the small Christian theme-park which is the home to their celebrated Passion Play seems awfully reminiscent of a Christopher Guest mockumentary. This, however, is the story of two very different communities … Continue reading

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