Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Singer/songwriter Justin Utley and his American Nightmare


OUTMusic Award winning singer/songwriter Justin Utley releases the music video for his new single “American Nightmare” today .    It’s ironic timing, considering it’s the exact state of being most people feel we are living in right now.
However is NOT about Covid-1 9 but a song the came out of Utley’s  activism work in Utah helped to ban conversion therapy in the state.  The angst-ridden Industrial rock anthem is a very different sound for the alt-country pop singer.  Utley admits he has been wanting to explore the edgier side of himself and he does so in this track that is loud and aggressive yet melodic and catchy.
Utley told us    “This whole album has been about exploring edgier, darker themes that I’ve always wanted to take on but hadn’t because I was told to stay in my safe zone. But I’ve learned complacently is dangerous.  It nearly cost California’s LGBTQ community their freedom to marry.  I have something to say about this world we’re living in today and I’m going to say it now because I don’t believe we can make it through another four years of this nightmare.” 

Justin Utley’s “American Nightmare” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on YouTube/Vevo, Apple Music and Amazon Prime. 

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