Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Will ‘The Men Of West Hollywood” be the next unmissable reality TV show?


The guys of the Entertainment Desk at Queerguru like to think they know (almost) everything.  Then at least once a week something comes along that totally debunks that theory.  This time it’s Crackle.  Hands up for all of you who have ever heard of this TV streaming service that has been around since 2004.

It started out as Grouper and then Sony bought renamed it Crackle and then sold it again. Even though it is available in 21 countries and its library consists of original content and acquired programming, its very existence had passed us by. Until now that is.

Next January they are launching The Men of West Hollywood,” a 10-part unscripted docuseries from Get Me Out Productions that follows the lives, drama, and relationships of six men from Hollywood’s iconic gay neighborhood. 

The six include “Mr. California” David Barta, a model and personal trainer; Justin Jedlica, a plastic surgery consultant, known around the world as the “human ken doll”; Darren Tieste, a celebrity photographer; Murray Swanby, a club promoter and top underwear model; Brennen Taylor, a YouTube star; and Landon Wetterstrom, a luxury property owner.

These men, along with their boyfriends and girlfriends (!) give a glimpse into their lavish Los Angeles lifestyle, making their way through WeHo’s hottest parties and glamorous red carpets with drama at every turn. The series also features Nick Masc, Hannah Coehlo and Laron Seals.

We have only seen stills from the production so far, so we have no review or even an opinion yet, BUT we still say that for any profile about the very gay enclave of WeHo, there does seem to be an awful amount of girlfriends included as opposed by ‘girlfriends if you get our drift 





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