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Edie : It’s Never Too Late

The unexpected success of the Hotel Marigold films  gave rise to the belief that there is an audience for films starring veteran British actresses who have been sidelined to small cameo roles. However they cannot stand alone on skills of the sublime talent in front of the camera alone, there needs to be a decent story and script and helmed by a filmmaker who can invest the integrity and authenticity it deserves.

There is none of that in Edie, which despite the remarkable  and somewhat valiant effort of the celebrated British actress Sheila Hancock.  This rather maudling sentimental tale of an elderly widow who has lived a life of regret , who faced with the prospect of being dumped into a Seniors Home by her rather embittered daughter, much prefers to run off and finally do the one thing that’s been on  her Bucket List for the past 40 years.

Clutching an old postcard Edis boards the overnight train to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands  determined to hike and climb Mount Sullivan : a feat that would daunt people half her age.  She arrives as this grouchy old lady who snaps at everyone until a local lad  Johnny (Kevin Guthrie) offers to be her guide, 

Of course he not only  enables her to achieve her dream, but he also manages to thaw her out too, showing that she was not always as cantankerous as her first impression.  He in fact is playing the part of a son she never had, and so becomes the source of her redemption ensuring that we too like her by the time the final credits role.

It’s a very simple version of a well-worn tale that even all of Hancock’s efforts cannot turn around.   She does however share the limelight with the breathtaking vistas of the Highlands  which would make anyone want to go hiking in the heather,

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