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Jenn’s biological clock is ticking away and she wants to have a baby whilst she still can. Trouble is none of her beaus stick around longer than a few months, so she falls back on her Plan B.  Many years ago at College she entered a pact with her best friend Matt that if she ever needed a father for her baby, he would step up to the plate.  Years later Matt is still up for this, but rather then using the old turkey baster method favored by sperm donors, Jenn wants to get pregnant the ‘old-fashioned way’.  Problem with that is Matt is gay.  But he is her best friend after all and after more than a few anxious moments he still says he is game. ‘But’ asks Jenn ‘can you do IT with a girl?’.  ‘Sure’ Matt replies ‘I’m a man, and we can stick IT in anywhere!’ 
It is of course not quite that straightforward and in some deliciously hilarious scenes he grins and bares almost all and penetrates Jenn just ‘at the appropriate moment’.   And on more than one occasion.

There is nothing easy about trying to get pregnant especially when both parties are also out there trying to find partners for some non-procreating dalliances.  Matt, a very hot looking guy who surprisingly works as a geek in a comic book store, is still trying to get over Tom his last boyfriend and he’s back dipping his toe into the dating scene after a seven year absence. Jenn on the other hand works as a Hot Yoga Instructor and would just like to discover if there are still some datable single straight men left in Manhattan to do even a few ‘warm’ workouts with her.  But they both find out that their search for ‘true love’ is just as tough as their quest to become a mom and dad.

This is a truly delightful debut from writer/director Jonathan Lisceki who has refreshingly managed to transcend the usual cliched stereo-types that litter so many ‘gay themed’ comedies.  Not just by the careers he gave his leads but more importantly by making Matt, and the other gay men, into well-rounded, happy and exceeding ‘regular’ men, albeit they had the quicker wits and more wickedly funnier lines than the odd straight man in the story. Kudos too for not falling into the trap of making Jenns a desperate fag-hag who ends up falling in love with her handsome gay best friend.  After all penetration doesn’t equal permanent passion.  Most of the time.

Lisecki provides his cast with a fast-paced script littered with some priceless quick-fired one-liners but above all else, the reason that I laughed my socks off to this essentially heartwarming story about an alternative family was that it bucked the prevailing trend of mean-spirited comedy that I really dislike.  Being nice can be real funny too.

This one gets the highest marks from me and my recommendation that most anyone would find something to love about this very witty piece whether they are gay or straight, childless or not.  Go see.


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