Thursday, November 8th, 2012

HARVEST aka Stadt Land Fluss

When you are more than halfway through HARVEST you could be forgiven for thinking that you are actually watching an Infomercial on modern German farming methods rather than a coming-of-age tale about two teenage boys. This well-meaning debut feature film from writer/director Benjamin Cantu shot on the most minuscule of budgets using actual farm workers instead of actors …. except for the leads ….is so slow that at times its like watching paint dry …. or rather plants grow. But there is still something quite endearing in how these two kids  from their dysfunctional families who are struggling with becoming accepted by the farm managers, recognize each other as kindred spirits.  
Both Jacob and Marko are reluctant trainee farmers who are evidently more unsure about their chosen profession than their newly burgeoning sexuality. Jacob is hesitantly learning how to round up and brand a newly born calf whilst off-duty he is much more eager trying to do the same with Marko too.
I could say that we learn more about plowing a field than Jacob learns about ploughing his new beau ….but its not that kind of farm, and its not that kind of film.


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