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SELL BY : or how to keep a relationship together


Money, or rather the inequality of it between two partners in a relationship  can so often be a dealbreaker.  Especially in a  relationship where the passion has waned and where minor differences now seem like major obstacles, which when left untendered start to create insurmountable problems

New York couple Adam (Scott Evans and  Marklin (Augustus Prew) have been together for five years but are growing apart .  Whereas Marklin traded in his job in retail sale to be become a highly success fashion influencer in  this New York City-set romantic comedy, Adam has stuck to his job churning out paintings  that a  wealthy, pretentious artist named Ravella (Patricia Clarkson) can pass off as her own.

They are part of a set of 30-year-olds friends having their own relationship issues.  Cammy (Michelle Buteau)  is so ashamed when she discovers that her latest boyfriend is homeless, and disparages the fact in front of her friends, whilst still dating him secretly on the downlow. Adam’s best friend Elizabeth (Kate Walsh) has been married for over a decade and wants Adam to get married, too. What she is about to realise is that her own wedded bliss is about to end as her husband wants to marry someone else who will give him the babies that she doesn’t want.

Meanwhile Macklin, frustrated by the couples therapy he and Adam have been having thinks he can buy his happiness in the shape of a new penthouse  apartment,  It not only reinforces their income disparity but how their take on life has taken completely different directions too.

This feature film writing/directing  debut from  out gay actor Mike Doyle is an intriguing contemporary take on the pitfalls of a securing a romantic urban relationship where financial success is still considered a major factor.  The fact that the two main protagonists are gay is really not that an issue. as the ‘closet’ that Adam has to come out if is one of self-acceptance.  He needs to realise that with his talent he should not need to let Ravela take the credit for his work, or let Marklin’s wealth affect him in any negative way at all.  They have enough still to bind themselves together as the strong loving couple.

With the talented ensemble cast giving pitch perfect performances under Doyle’s gentle guiding hand, makes for a thoroughly entertaining romantic comedy as in this his impressive directorial debut.

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