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Avant garde queer French filmmaker Yann Gonzalez sophomore feature maybe  more accessible than his debut “Les rencontres d’après minuit” (remembered mainly for footballer Eric Cantona’s impressive prosthetic organ)  but this campy gay slash horror flick is still definitely a very acquired taste.

Set in 1970’s someone is killing the cast and crew of a gay porn movie being produced by its slightly deranged, and recently dumped, lesbian boss Anne Pareze played by a very excitable and impassioned Vanessa Paradis.  The object of her affection is Loïs (Kate Moran) the editor of all her prolific cheap porno films, and whilst Anne may make a mess of trying to win her back, she is at least a great deal more successful touring construction sights and persuading hunky laborers to take their clothes off for money.

In a movie where everyone is part of the porn industry there is surprisingly very little flesh on site and Gonzalez very stylised film gives far more graphic detail to the bloody murders   After the first stabbing however there is little suspense left as we wait for the perpetrator to find his next victim.  The police show little interest in investigating the crimes, and Anne tastelessly  uses them for the plot of her next porn film which she calls Homocidal.

This intriguing soft-porn farce is both funny and baffling and at its Cannes debut received some very good reviews and equally some very bad ones too.  Our jury is still out on this, but we’ll will probably end up opting for somewhere in the middle.

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